Monday, 13 August 2012

One Wild Martini Table

This will become more and more clear as I continue uploading all my past creations 
to the wonderful world of blog, but I have this sort of  
White Knight Syndrome for Beautiful Junk!

True Story!

However, well worth the stop!
Moving Forward,  witness exhibit A of the White Knight Syndrome!

Just covered in scratches, gouges, holes, chips and dings.
Not to mention, that paint job made him look sooooooo sad!
There was no way I could leave him looking so .... well, pitiful.

So, first things first,  he received a nice fix up job with some plaster 
and then a lot of sanding to smooth him out.

Next up was a shiny new coat!
It was a tough call to go between a flat or metallic finish, but in the end, 
I decided he needed to look sleek!
Rustoleum to the rescue!

And last but not least, a fancy shmancy new glass top to add to the glisten!

And there you have it!
Sitting pretty in the sun!
The most low maintenance animal I have ever owned!
And ....... it serves up a mean martini, therefor bumping it up to the best pet ever!

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  1. Love it! I love to find treasures in unexpected places & times! I just found a cute little wooden corner table in a trash pile. I am going to mosaic the top to cover years of abuse...I can hardly wait to start on it!