Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Before Blogging

Before I learned about the blogging world, I didn't see any relevance in taking "progress photos"
I was more so in a mad rush to get the after pictures posted up for sale.

Recently, I have come to discover that I get far more enjoyment from teaching women
how to do these things, more so than simply selling them.

Enter: World of Blogging!

So, here is a small collection of a few before and afters from the earlier days.

The Little Cubby, Bubby.
She sold quickly! And why not? Super Cute!

The little French Chocolate Table. Graphics care of the Graphics Fairy


This was a custom order for a customer looking for something cute to be used at the bottom of her stairwell, so we dubbed her the Landing Table.
She had a total overhaul with some fabulous new Glass knobs and Pulls.

Saved! No one thought this was do-able!
So she got a beautiful blue with a tobacco glaze. 
Again, I didn't realize the importance of closeups then either.
*tsk tsk*

I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with this piece when it came in!
And then, Ooh La La Furniture decided to host a Facebook group dedicated to
Painting things pink to raise money for Breast Cancer!
This was our contribution to the cause and she was then auctioned off!

And of course, one of my personal favorites! The Rustic Triplets bench made from bits and pieces we pulled from a Barn Demo that we were called in to help with! Such a great piece! That would be the bottom of two chairs and the top of a third.

And that my dear friends is a little collection of things gone by. All have found new homes and I just keep on creating! I have quite a bit more to come to the Blog World as I get time to sit and write. However, I find it very, very difficult to sit still for too long, so crossing my fingers, they make their way over here!

Until then, come view the albums on Gypsy Barns Facebook Page

Jasmin of
Gypsy Barn!

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  1. All super ├╝ber creative and cute! Thank you for lots of useful advice, inspiration and let's not forget the humorous descriptions:)