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Nominated for 
Local Focus
Business Excellence Award 
For Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Nominees in this category are recognized for their core values in 
manufacturing, buying and supporting locally owned.

Latest Exciting news.
My Bathroom Makeover was Featured with
HomeTalk and
ELLE Decor Magazine! 

30 Minute Feature (2012) on Chex Television 
for Upcycling Inspiration
 Teresa Kaszuba and the 5 O'clock show were fabulous enough to pop over and film me for 30 minutes ... talking junk! I wasn't totally awake for it, but it was fun!

2014, Guest Speaker for the Tv. Feature about the

Lakefield Horticultural Society Antique and Flower Show

2014 Guest Speaker at the Peterborough Home Outdoor and Design Show

2014 Guest Speaker for the local Economic Developments Creative Cocktail

2013 Guest Speaker for the Canadian Mental Health Associations Women Day



2013 Guest Speaker for the Peterborough Home, Outdoor and Design Show

Features and Love for the Sleigh Makeover

Minwax chose it as the Top project of the Month                  Featured by West Furniture Revival

Featured by Hometalk 

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