Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Angel Wing Cubby, burning, painting, texture, staining, glazing and more

This project was beyond time consuming, and a 100% trial and error piece experimenting with mediums.

Burning, texture, glazing, shading, staining and painting!

But with a little time, effort, patience and elbow grease ... it can be done!

The before and after to keep you inspired to read on ...

Here is the piece I found. A simple, plain little cupboard.

 It was stripped down fast! The doors were removed and I set to doodling up a design with
a set of wings that I loved!

 The next step was to go over the design with a handy dandy little crafting burning tool that you can get at any craft or hardware store.

Here is the after shot of the total wing.

My plan was to create a very 3 dimensional wing that stood out from the doors. How do you do that you ask? Well, there are a lot of ways! You can purchase 3 dimensional paints from a variety of makers. Just google it. It will come up! Or, think hard about things around your house .... what can you think of that may be there, that can blend with paint, but is thick and dries hard? *cough drywall mud* cough! Just a thought. There are plenty of other options, just open your mind and experiment a little!

 Here is a close up of the texture as it was drying.  Experiment with how you use your brush. You will be amazed at what can come out of it, especially with different mediums and additives!
You never know until you try!

While it was drying and curing, I threw a white wash of paint behind the wings. It needed a little more character back there. I knew I was going to be sanding most of it back off, so it was very minimal!

After it dried up, I added some different glazes over it. It added more depth and texture and looked phenomenal in the end!

There she is. Done. I wasn't a fan of the white background after all  and decided to play a bit. It hadn't been sealed yet, sooooo I wonder what would happen if I stained the paint??? I removed a fair bit of the white first but left enough to show through then clear coated it. Choose what you are most comfortable with. Polyurethane, wax, polycyclic ..... talk to your local paint stores and find out about all the benefits from each! Learn learn learn - the free way! Ask the experts at each retail location their opinions on everything, but make sure to keep your open mind, they often try to shoot down ideas as being "crazy". And we all know that - "you are crazy" look right? or is it just me haha!

Now here she is after the sanding and staining. But it needs just one little pop of colour. I'm feeling like a touch of love needs to be added. Red.? Hmmmmmm

I chose red glass knobs! WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE you ask? I didn't. I made them red. I found some clear glass knobs and used some red stained glass window paint and coloured them!

The after shot. All done! Over a week in labour, but it came out fantastic and was in a
new home almost instantly!

And of course - the before and after shot!

There you have - all my secrets dished out!

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