Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just Add Caulk for a 3Dimensionl OoOoh La LAAaa

PLEASE share this responsibly. It was a lot of hard work. And it's a really cruddy feeling to see my work on the net with the logo missing or no credit back. Pretty please just give credit to all of us hardworking women and share and pin responsibly  :) 

Merci Beaucoup!

Now, before you scrunch your nose up, yes...... it's caulking.

After the bathroom reno and a LOT of caulking boo boo's, I realized that caulking can be amazingly manipulated! With some patience and lots of test gobbers first!

I considered writing the manufacturers and discussing the idea of making a mixture that would dry faster and harder for the DIY crafters out there, but then I read their legal disclaimer.

The jist of that is .... Anything you submit to them via E-mail, becomes their property. Including any ideas be it  marketing, manufacturing, advertising etc.

Basically, if they weren't up for giving me credit for the idea, I'd just give my self credit and show it off  to the DIY world and well... let you all be DIY'ers.

So here is the project.

 The Before. Sad, scratched, Dinged up, missing knob and crank. Pretty sure it was a Radio Box back in the day. The only thing I could see were those legs! Oh my heart swoons over legs!

The After.

 Now let's look at the step by steps shall we?

Step 1 - Strip that baby down!!!!

Add some Caulking. Be creative, make swirls and loops and layers. The more the merrier!

Of course it's going to look sad, until you play with it and paint it. I found letting it sit for 10 minutes, then wetting your hands and molding it worked great!

Add your lettering or designs in whatever means you are most comfortable with.

I chose to line it with a sheer curtain. I love the look it ended up with!

I left the bottom unattached just in case it's new owner wanted to use it as a hiding spot.


The after. After a LOT of waxing. The waxing on this took me about 10 hours. Of course, that was with a break or 10.

And here she is. All finished. A few people stopped in while I was working on the final steps. They had been here many times before and all had seen this sitting in my to-do room. But NONE of them recognized it. They thought I had picked up some new little french piece. The caulking worked! It was very 3 dimensional and gave it such a boost! She was purchased 3 hours after I posted her for sale on my facebook page. And her new owner came from 2 hours away to grab her up! Pretty impressive!

Now ... I have to rethink what I am going to use for my laundry room hamper now. Hmmmmm ..... new project coming up I guess!

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